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Some of these Sites below are Archives of Sites
No Longer Online or Earlier Designs.








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Digital Video Games-Orange
Digital Video Games
DvGames First Version





Styling Video Website






SThis site was done in Flash and each photo link would speak on mouseover.
Modeled after the Venezuela flag














Al Espinoza





Al Page





Alien-Ramirez Site
Alien Class page
Alien R. Dvds








Mambokat CD Page



Mambokat Menu




Alien Bio
Adrian site
Dave Lea





Romance Restaurant
Restaurant Special



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Jen Silvas


Jen Silvas Flash


Bible Stones






This flash site had panels sliding and the menu cascading downward with music
This flash site had panels sliding and the menu appearing with music



Ocean Flash Page
One Planet





Tosca Cart




This site was done in flash using
video for ocean movement.




Drive In Page
New Cart Site Design mockup






Drive In Screen featured a
youtube animated video


Lone Star Site




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All Brand Appliance


Bay Appliance Repair











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